New processes in the apparel industry

2020-09-17 16:52:00

Different clothing companies have different organizational structures, production patterns and target management, but their production processes and procedures are basically the same. Apparel production generally consists of the following eight main production units and links.

1. Clothing Design  Generally speaking, most large and medium-sized clothing factories have their own designer clothing style series. The clothing design of clothing companies can be roughly divided into two categories: one is ready-to-wear design. According to the proportions of most people, a set of regular sizes is formulated for mass production. When designing, it is necessary not only to choose fabrics and accessories, but also to understand the equipment of the garment factory and the skills of the workers; the second type is fashion design, which designs various garments according to market trends and fashion trends.

2. Paper pattern design After the design samples of the clothing are confirmed by the customer, the next step is to draw paper patterns of different sizes according to the customer's requirements. Enlarge or reduce the drawing of the standard pattern, which is called ""pattern grading", also known as "push file." Large-scale garment factories often use computers to complete pattern grading work. On the basis of different sizes of patterns, return To make paper patterns for production, and draw a layout chart.

3. Production preparation  There are many preparations before production, such as necessary inspection and testing of fabrics, accessories, sewing threads and other materials required for production, pre-shrinking and finishing of materials, and sewing and processing of samples and samples.

4. Cutting process  Generally speaking, cutting is the first process of garment production. The content is to cut fabrics, linings and other materials into garment pieces according to the layout and marking requirements. It also includes layout, spreading, counting, and grey cloth. Defect cutting, set cutting, cutting, inspection, numbering, binding, etc.

5. Sewing process   Sewing is a more technical and important process in the entire garment processing process. It is a process of combining various garment pieces into garments through reasonable stitching according to different style requirements. Therefore, how to organize the sewing process reasonably, and the selection of stitches, stitch types, machinery equipment and tools are all very important.

6. Ironing Process  After the garment is made, it is ironed to achieve the ideal shape and make it beautiful. Ironing can generally be divided into two types: ironing in production (medium ironing) and garment ironing (heavy ironing).

7. Garment quality control   Garment quality control is a very necessary measure to ensure product quality throughout the processing process. It is to study the quality problems that may arise during the processing of products and to formulate necessary quality inspection standards and regulations.

8. Post-processing Post-processing includes packaging, storage and transportation, etc. It is the last process in the entire production process. The operator arranges and folds each finished and ironed garment according to the packaging process requirements, puts it in a plastic bag, and then distributes and packs it according to the quantity on the packing list. Sometimes ready-made garments are also hoisted and shipped, and the garments are hoisted on the shelves and delivered to the delivery location. In order to make the factory deliver goods on time and catch up with the sales season, after analyzing the characteristics of clothing products' modeling structure, process and processing, the pattern, model design, process specification, cutting process, sewing process, ironing, packaging and other production links are formulated Only by issuing standard technical documents can we produce clothing with quality, quantity, low cost and satisfying the needs of consumers and customers.


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