Process flow of garment industrialized production

2020-09-17 16:51:00

Product planning→design selection→sample making→industrial sample garment making→pattern enlargement (size enlargement and reduction)→cutting→sewing→finishing→inspection→finished product.
The main equipment for garment production is industrial sewing machines and cutting and finishing ironing equipment. The development trend of industrial sewing machines is: high-speed, single-machine automatic sewing, single-machine dedicated sewing and multi-station automatic sewing. In order to improve design and management capabilities, electronic computers have been used in the apparel industry.
Since the 1970s, scientific research on the effects of clothing has received great attention. Its content is:
① Study the relationship between human body, clothing and environmental climate;
②Research on the wearing performance of clothing materials;
③Make the best clothing design for different use ranges;
④Improve clothing performance from the aspects of health, hygiene and comfort.


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